international Affairs; Relationship of Gabon with America and China

International Affairs; Relationship of Gabon with China and America Gabon is the developing African country. Gabon’s struggles for the peace in Africa do not be ignored. Gabon has strong relationship with other countries and many agencies such as World Bank, Organization of African Unity (OAU), Central African Custom Union (UDEAC/CEMAC), EC association under Lome Convention, Communaute Financiere Africaine (CFA), Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Non-Aligned movement and Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).  Gabon is also member of International Criminal Court and UN. Gabon’s Armed force also played an important role in UN Peacekeeping Mission to the Central African Republic (MINURCA).   Gabon has strong relationship with other countries such as United State of America, China, France, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Mexico, South Korea, Kosovo, India, Equatorial Guinea, Canada, Armenia etc. Here relationship of Gabon with America and China are discussed. Relation

Short introduction of Gabon the African country

Life of former president of Gabon Omar Bongo Ondimba

                         Omar Bongo Ondimba In 1967 Le’on M’ba died Omar Bongo Ondimba elected as the president of Gabon. Until his death in 2009 he remained a president of Gabon. He remained 42 years as a president. He was the great man of faith. He always tried for the betterment of Gabonese people though it against his or his family’s interest. His struggle causes much improvement in the life and value of Gabonese people. Birth He was born in Bongoville the city of Gabon in 30 December 1935.It was the day when the man who struggle for goodness of Gabonese people in the ups and downs of life was appear in the world. Education and Early life I n 1973 when he converted to Islam he changed his name as El Hadj Omar Bongo. He completed his primary and secondary education in Brazzaville. He also got a job at the post and telecommunications public services.  After this he also joined a French military as a Second Lieutenant and also remained First Lieutenant in Air f

Current president of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba his illness, education, family and political career

Ali Bongo Ondimba Ali bongo Ondimba is the current president of Gabon. After the death of Omer Bongo he became the third president of Gabon since October 2009. According to AFP news agency when Ali bongo was taking the oath of presidency on Tuesday’s ceremony he said to the Gabonese people,” I pledge to devote all my efforts for the betterment of the people of Gabon and ensure their wellbeing…..and respect and defend the constitution and the rule of law.” Birth                He was born in February 1959 in Brazzaville which is the capital of Congo. Education               He was educated from private school in France and Neuily. He also studied Law at the Sorbonne. He also graduated from Wuhan University in China for doctorate degree. Funk album was released by him in 1977. Family          He is the son of former president of Gabon Omar Bongo Ondimba and Patience Debany. Ali Bongo married with the daughter of Edouard Valentin, Sylvia Najma Valentin

Gabon the central Africian country

Independence of Gabon        In 1960 Gabon got independent from France. It became a new republic to get the right of freedom of speech, freedom from slavery and right to adequate living standard. It is the richest African country. Presidents of Gabon           After the independence from France in 1960 just tree leaders ruled on Gabon. The first president of Gabon was “Gabriel Leon M’ba” from 1961 to 1967.           After the death of Le’on M’ba the presidency was granted to “Omar Bongo Ondimba”. He ruled about 42 years on Gabon. He was the longest serving head of the government in the world and longest serving head of the state of Africa.           After his death in 8 June 2009 his son “Ali Bongo Ondimba” became the president of Gabon in October 2009. Now Ali Bongo Ondima is ruling over Gabon since 2009. Location Gabon is the country of central Africa. Gabon is bordered by Atlantic Ocean, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon to the North and The Republic of