Current president of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba his illness, education, family and political career

Ali Bongo Ondimba

Ali bongo Ondimba is the current president of Gabon. After the death of Omer Bongo he became the third president of Gabon since October 2009.
According to AFP news agency when Ali bongo was taking the oath of presidency on Tuesday’s ceremony he said to the Gabonese people,” I pledge to devote all my efforts for the betterment of the people of Gabon and ensure their wellbeing…..and respect and defend the constitution and the rule of law.”


               He was born in February 1959 in Brazzaville which is the capital of Congo.


              He was educated from private school in France and Neuily. He also studied Law at the Sorbonne. He also graduated from Wuhan University in China for doctorate degree. Funk album was released by him in 1977.


         He is the son of former president of Gabon Omar Bongo Ondimba and Patience Debany.
Ali Bongo married with the daughter of Edouard Valentin, Sylvia Najma Valentin in 1989. Edouard Valentin is the CEO of the OGAR insurance company. Sylvia Najma Valentin was born in France.
In 1994 Ali Bongo married with his second wife Inge Lynn Collins Bongo. She belongs to Los Angeles the city of California in America. She later filed for divorce in 2005.
Bongo has three sons Noureddin Bongo Valentin, Jalil Bongo Ondimba and Bilal Bongo. He also has one daughter Malika Bongo Ondimba. These all children are adopted by him and Sylvia Najma in 2002.

Political career

                            When the father of Ali Bongo, Omar Bongo was president he was Foreign minister from 1989 to 1991. As a deputy in National Assembly he also represented Bongoville from 1991 to 1999. He also remains the Defense minister from 1999 to 2009.
After the death of his father, he became the president of Gabon by winning the August 2009 Presidential election. It was said by Constitutional court that he got 42% vote in Election. In August 2016 he also again elected as a president. Now he also leading the Gabonese Democratic party.

Illness of Ali Bongo

  Bongo was hospitalized in Riyadh for an undisclosed illness. He was transferred to a Military hospital Rabat on 29 November 2018. It was confirmed by Gabon’s vice president Moussavo in 9 December 2018 that “Bongo suffered illness in Riyadh. Now he is in private residence in Rabat.” From 24 October 2018 to 01 January 2019 Bongo was not been appeared then Gabonese people think that he may be died. On 01 January 2019 he addressed to his people through video. At this some people living Abroad claimed that the man was addressing in the video was not Bongo. In August 2019 Bongo appears in public after his stroke.


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