Gabon the central Africian country

Independence of Gabon

       In 1960 Gabon got independent from France. It became a new republic to get the right of freedom of speech, freedom from slavery and right to adequate living standard. It is the richest African country.

Presidents of Gabon

          After the independence from France in 1960 just tree leaders ruled on Gabon. The first president of Gabon was “Gabriel Leon M’ba” from 1961 to 1967.
          After the death of Le’on M’ba the presidency was granted to “Omar Bongo Ondimba”. He ruled about 42 years on Gabon. He was the longest serving head of the government in the world and longest serving head of the state of Africa.
          After his death in 8 June 2009 his son “Ali Bongo Ondimba” became the president of Gabon in October 2009. Now Ali Bongo Ondima is ruling over Gabon since 2009.


Gabon is the country of central Africa. Gabon is bordered by Atlantic Ocean, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon to the North and The Republic of Congo to the East and South.

Natural Resources of Gabon

          Gabon is a rich county according to their natural resources. Diamond, Gold, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Niobium, Cement, Phosphate Rocks, Manganese, Uranium and Iron Ore are highly produced in Gabon.

Population of Gabon

          According to UN data the current estimated population of Gabon is 2,225,734 which is equivalent of 0.03% of the total population of the world. Gabon ranks number is 146 in the list of most populated countries.

Capital of Gabon

Librevillo is the capital and largest city of Gabon. It is the Port of Komo River near the Gulf of Guinea. In 2013 its population was 703,904.


          The national language of Gabon is “Fang” however French is its official language. Bantu and Eshira are also spoken by the people of Gabon. Eshira is spoken by 10th of the population of Gabon.
Flag of Gabon

The flag of Gabon consists three horizontal green, yellow and blue bands. It was adopted in 1960. The yellow color in the center of Gabon’s flag represents Equator which cuts across the country and also symbolizes the sun. The green color of flag represents natural resources and extensive forested area of Gabon. The blue color in the flag represents sea.



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