international Affairs; Relationship of Gabon with America and China

International Affairs; Relationship of Gabon with China and America

Gabon is the developing African country. Gabon’s struggles for the peace in Africa do not be ignored. Gabon has strong relationship with other countries and many agencies such as World Bank, Organization of African Unity (OAU), Central African Custom Union (UDEAC/CEMAC), EC association under Lome Convention, Communaute Financiere Africaine (CFA), Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Non-Aligned movement and Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

 Gabon is also member of International Criminal Court and UN. Gabon’s Armed force also played an important role in UN Peacekeeping Mission to the Central African Republic (MINURCA).

 Gabon has strong relationship with other countries such as United State of America, China, France, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Mexico, South Korea, Kosovo, India, Equatorial Guinea, Canada, Armenia etc. Here relationship of Gabon with America and China are discussed.

Relationship of Gabon with America

After the independence from France in 1960 America established his domestic relationship with Gabon. Struggles of Gabon for environmental problems such as climate change, increase regional cooperation and protection of human rights are always supported by USA. Lots of commitments such as strengthen Gabon’s economy, expand bilateral trade, trafficking of combat wildlife and ensure security in the Gulf of Guinea was signed between these countries.

Gabon’s economy is strong due to oil production. This oil is exported to America from Gabon. Manganese Ores, Agricultural products and woods are also imported by America from Gabon. US exports machinery, vehicles, agricultural, medical and optical instruments to Gabon. Gabon maintains on embassy in US at 2034 20th St. NW, Washington, DC, 20009 (tel.202.797.1000).

Gabon-China relationships

In 1970s Gabon’s former president Omar Bongo decided to diverse Gabon’s relationship with other countries. Economic relationship with China since 1990s was the first priority of this strategy. After Omar Bongo’s death his son Ali Bongo continued relationship with China but he seemed less enthusiastic than his father about economic relationship with China due to internal politics.

During 35 years Omar Bongo visited eleven times to China for economical trade, infrastructure projects such as National Assembly built in 2002.

2004 proved turning point for the relationship of China and Gabon when President Hu Jintao visited Gabon. After 2004 Chinese authorities build the Stade De l’Amitie’ Sino-Gabonese (Sino-Gabonese Friendship Stadium). Many economical commitments were signed.

After this Chinese oil imports from Gabon increased to nearly US $1 billion in 2009. Gabon imported mechanical, machinery, construction and electrical appliances from China. Gabon exported Oil and mineral products to the world in which only 8% go to China.

In educational level China is also providing Gabonese students 40 scholarships per year. In 2012 probably 300 Gabonese students was learning in China. Gabon also has military relationship with China. China has become most crucial partner of Gabon than US, EU or even France.



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