Life of former president of Gabon Omar Bongo Ondimba

                        Omar Bongo Ondimba

In 1967 Le’on M’ba died Omar Bongo Ondimba elected as the president of Gabon. Until his death in 2009 he remained a president of Gabon. He remained 42 years as a president.
He was the great man of faith. He always tried for the betterment of Gabonese people though it against his or his family’s interest. His struggle causes much improvement in the life and value of Gabonese people.


He was born in Bongoville the city of Gabon in 30 December 1935.It was the day when the man who struggle for goodness of Gabonese people in the ups and downs of life was appear in the world.

Education and Early life

In 1973 when he converted to Islam he changed his name as El Hadj Omar Bongo. He completed his primary and secondary education in Brazzaville. He also got a job at the post and telecommunications public services.
 After this he also joined a French military as a Second Lieutenant and also remained First Lieutenant in Air force in Brazziville, Bangui and Fort Lamy. He also work as captain in French army.


He was the son of Jeanne Ebori and Basile Ondimba. His name included “Ondimba” due to recognition of his father Basile Ondimba. Omar Bongo had more than 30 children.  
His first married with Louise Mouyabi-Moukala. His and Louise’s daughter was former foreign minister and subsequently director of the presidential cabinet.
Bongo secondly married with Josephine Bongo also known as patience Dabany. He divorced her in 1987. Ali Bongo which is the current president of Gabon and Albertine Amissa Bongo are their children.
Edith Lucie Bongo was the third wife of Omar Bongo. She was died on 14 March 2009 in Rabat. She was buried in her native land, Congo.

Political career

He was the former leading personality of Gabonese Democratic Party. He remained in different ministries such as ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of interior (1967-1970), Prime minister (1967-1975), ministry of planning (1967-1977), ministry of information (1967-1980) and ministry of defense (1967-1981). He also became the vice-president in 1960. From 1967 to 2009 he was the president of Gabon. At these stages, he presented amazingly his country Gabon.

Illness and death

It was announced by Gabonese government that Bongo had temporarily suspended his duties. On this International media said that he was seriously ill in Spain. Many unconfirmed questions raised about Bongo’s health. But eventually it was confirmed by Gabonese Prime minister that Bongo was not alive on 8 June 2009. His dead body was laid for Five days, as thousands of people living in Gabon and abroad came to pay their respect. He was buried in private family burial, Franceville on 18 June 2009.
   His struggle, spirit and helpful activities for the Gabonese people will never be forgotten.


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